Auto Paint Guard

Tampa’s Premier Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra Company Since 2000

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Website Design & Development

Auto Paint Guard is a company based in Tampa, Florida who protects your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, or insects by applying a virtually invisible film on your vehicle’s paint and headlights. They service mostly the high-end car market such as Porsche, Tesla, Ferrari, Bentley, etc.

Auto Paint Guard first approached Blue Wave Creative to fix broken elements on their site, make it more mobile friendly, and increase their visibility online and attract new customers, placing them as an authority within the high-end car community. Most of their content was already

What inspired us to work with Auto Paint Guard was their passion and attention to detail in their industry and their quality of service they offer their customers. They are truly one of the best in their industry and we are happy to partner with them to grow their business!